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Software Downloads

This page is a place to exchange programs and ideas.

"Free Software" is a collection of computer programs, spreadsheet templates and statistical routines that we are happy to share with anyone who might find them useful. Most of the programs are small and meant to illustrate principles in undergraduate and graduate student instruction. Some of the programs need little documentation, others contain some. If you download a program and alter it, please don't forget to include the original authors' names in the credits, and please send us the improved version for posting. Use the programs at your own risk, and take them only for what they are.

If you would like to submit a program, template, or routine, please send it to: (Dr. Gene M. Pesti).

Software Downloads


Budgeting Contract Broiler Growout.
BCBG.ZIP, Stand-alone MS-DOS program.

Broiler House Insulation Optimization Program.
BHIOP.ZIP, Stand-alone MS-DOS program.

Broiler Stock Comparison Model.
BSCM.ZIP, Stand-alone MS-DOS program.

Program to Standardize Broiler Performance Comparisons
FCRADJ.ZIP (Imperial Units).
FCRADJM.ZIP (Metric Units).
MS-XL 7.0 Template.

Multiple-Lot Model of Broiler Production.
MLBP.ZIP, Stand-alone MS-DOS program.

Single-Lot Model of Broiler Production
SLBPN.ZIP, (Net Returns Analysis).
SLBPM.ZIP, (Marginal Returns Analysis).
Stand-alone MS-DOS program.


Feed formulation

UFFDA: User-Friendly Feed Formulation Program
UFFDA.ZIP From the book Animal Feed Formulation - Economics and Computer Applications, by G. M. Pesti and B. R. Miller. The book is available from Chapman and Hall, (800) 842-3636.

File that UFFDA.EXE needs to utilize its include functions. Omitted from the original diskette.

UFFDA Tutorial
AFF16.ZIP, Stand-alone program for Windows
Feed Formulation Tutorial outlines animal feed formulation concepts. Includes sections on using the User-Friendly Feed Formulation (UFFDA) program.

Linear feed formulation problem that can be solved in an electronic spreadsheet.
LINEAR.ZIP, MS-XL 7.0 Template.

Example of a stochastic feed formulation model that can be solved using an electronic spreadsheet.
RANDB.ZIP, MS-XL 7.0 Template.



Laying Hen Replacement Program.
REPLACE.ZIP, Stand-alone MS-DOS program.

Time Value of Money .
VALUE.ZIP, Stand-alone MS-DOS program

Notes about the software formats and downloading:

Windows/DOS users:

Some of the files on this page are Microsoft Excel templates and were developed in Excel for Windows. You will need a copy of Excel to use these templates.

Most of the programs above are designed to be run in the MS-DOS platform and are saved as a "zip" archive for ease of downloading from our server. Filenames ending with ".zip" will need to be "unzipped" before you can use them. Programs that may be used to unzip, or extract, zipped files are WinZip for Windows and pkunzip for MS-DOS.

The WinZip Web site contains info on downloading their program, extracting zipped files, and lots of other zippy stuff:

Mac Users:

Some of the files on this page are Microsoft Excel templates and were developed in Excel for Windows. Excel templates may (or may not) run on a Mac running Excel.

To extract these files from their zipped archive, Mac users can download a utility called ZipIt. ZipIt is a Macintosh program that zips and unzips archives in a format fully compatible with PKZip for the IBM and zip implementations on other systems.


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